Home Additions

An upscale art form of beautifully erected glass and aluminum, the Sierra Room comes crafted with added advantage of more than 69 years of Florian innovations and experience.
Adding to the overall beauty is the aesthetically pleasing fact that no fasteners are ever exposed. Accessories of all kinds, such as wood trim, can also be added to these exciting additions to enhance the overall beauty and comfort of your home and lifestyle.
aesthetically pleasing home additions

Sierra Room

Compare for yourself. The long lasting quality, beauty, craftsmanship, thermal integrity, and absolute value to your Florian Sierra Room will most assuredly shine through. With unlimited sizes and Florian is recognized by builders and architects as the innovative leader in architectural glass applications.
Light Years ahead of its competition: 200% more energy efficient than any other competitor on the market.” That’s a huge claim. But Florian’s Sierra System backs it up – inside and out. The reason is two-fold. Other systems begin with well-insulated designs, but then use metal screws or bolts to build their structures. Each metal fastener, of course, conducts heat and cold right through the so-called thermally broken frame.
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