We are pleased to help you understand the exceptional qualities of these beautiful, energy efficient designs and why they are the best selling, most popular multi-use solariums and greenhouses on the market. One of the reasons is that when it comes to thermal integrity for people and their plants, Florian systems are 200% more efficient than that of the competition.

Invite the Outside, In

Thank you for your interest in Florian’s beautiful room additions, greenhouse kits and all of our other exciting products. For seventy years, Florian Solar Products has been one of the leading companies in solarium and greenhouse design and manufacturing. Bringing the outdoors in is what Florian’s Sierra sun room is all about. Let nature decorate your home with a Florian room addition. Designed into every Sierra sun room is the highest degree of thermal integrity possible, which makes the Sierra sun room 200% more energy efficient than our competitors.
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