As a company, we do not use dealers at this time and rarely, if ever, sell product on a supply only basis as we cannot control the quality of the installation in this fashion. Having said this, there are two main types of business relationships that we commonly enter into with our clients today. The first is what we refer to as “shell” construction. As designers, manufacturers, and builders of Perma-Wood rooms, we always control the installation of the actual frame and glass component of the installation (i.e. “the shell”). Over the years we have worked with many home builders, architects, general contractors and with homeowners who may have a relationship with some of their own trades that they would like to involve in some part of the process (i.e. an electrician, plumber, painter etc.). In these instances, our services may only be required in the specific area of our expertise, namely, the design, engineering, manufacturing and installation of “the shell”. In this case, the room is manufactured and installed by our staff, usually to the point of frame, glass, windows, doors and interior millwork finished 100% both inside and out. All Perma-Wood warranties and guarantees are in full force as the actual shell is complete. Most “shell” construction projects like this tend to price out at or above $450 per sq. ft. of floor area created, but again, keep in mind the variables are significant. The second, and probably most common type of project, is what we refer to as “turnkey” construction. This type of project encompasses all facets of the process from concept to completion. It can include, but is not limited to, foundation, floor, frame, glass, windows, doors, heating and cooling, electrical, house wall removals, integration with a new kitchen renovation perhaps, finished flooring, plans, permits and engineering. At this point, we can call the project done and move in ready. The only thing we do not usually handle is landscaping, as this is a separate area of expertise. Again, average construction costs for this type of process are tremendously varied due to the diversity of the product and the applications we encounter. For the sake of generalization, one might consider that most projects tend to come in at, or above, $550.00 – $800.00 per sq. ft. of floor area. In a hypothetical case, a ballpark figure for a 200 sq. ft. “turnkey” project would typically be between $110,000 – $160,000 + taxes.