In the past, the actual installation of the room was typically the shortest part of the process, with a small room installation taking as little as 4-6 weeks on site, depending on the scope of the project. While this can still be the case, it is certainly not a given today with some of the larger spaces that we create taking up to 4-5 months on site from foundation to finished floor. Over and above the actual construction, the length of time the building permit process takes plays an ever increasing role in the overall process and represents a significant investment of time. This “planning” part of the process includes the design of the space, architectural drawings, mechanical and structural engineering, and ultimately the permit application. All of this takes place well before a Perma-Wood van pulls into your driveway. For these reasons, lead times can easily approach 6 months or more, and we therefore encourage our prospective clients to begin the design process well in advance of when they anticipate they may want the new room to be completed.