In fact, that type of typical “one size fits all” mentality that forms the basis of the global retail environment that we all live and shop in today, represents the polar opposite view of how a room that we build comes to be. The spaces that we create are individually designed in a size, shape, style and form that, for the most part, are dictated by the lifestyle, tastes and aesthetic preferences of each individual homeowner, and are in keeping with the look and style of their particular home. But this is where the repetition starts and ends in the process. Looking at the hundreds of photographs that form the backdrop of our web site portfolio, please appreciate that this is only a small percentage of the work we have completed as a Company over the past 25+ years and, as such, the photos are really only useful insofar as giving one some form of inspiration in the creative process. The room that we may ultimately build for you is one that will be designed for you. This is likely why, in all the years we have attended and displayed our product at various Home Shows, one of the most commonly heard comments coming from our prospective customers is that photos of the many projects we have on display look as though they are “a part of the home”, not at all like a typical sunroom/solarium that has simply been “bolted on” to the house envelope. In essence, this is the biggest compliment anyone can pay us, as it is, and always will be, a primary goal of the rooms that we create.