Green Houses

Green Houses


We offer a wide variety of glass options, heating, cooling devices, ridge vent options and many more. You control the environment. Geneva greenhouses are available in a wide variety of sizes, in curved eave or straight eave configurations. All Geneva greenhouses and green house kits are constructed of maintenance free aluminum framing members. Florian’s unique I-beam profile is designed for maximum strength to meet all building code specifications.

Protecting Your Precious Plants

There are many reasons whythe Geneva outshines any other horticulture system on the market. The most obvious include YOUR comfort along with its superior structural design and plant nurturing advantages. Geneva’s sturdy streamlined support bars permit wider spacing so that maximum benefits of sunlight is always realized. To brace against lateral wind loading, glass breakage or leaks, Geneva’s unique horizontal dividers support the glazing on all sides.

Constructed of maintenance- free aluminum framing, all Geneva greenhouses employ Florian’s exclusive I-beam. Low-E glass in your Geneva greenhouse will not affect any plant growth and greatly reduces the need for shades.
In a place you’ll always want to grow – To enhance the Geneva to your individual specifications, Florian also offers a full range of accessories such as benches, shelving, misting systems and more. Attention to details plus maximum strength materials not only assure that all structures building codes are met, but that you can enjoy a comfortable place where you can nurture and protect your delicate plants from going dormant.

Choose Florian Sunrooms Toronto and the perfect balance of superior plant growth with enhanced structural design.